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Documenting code in Apache 2.4

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Apache 2.4 uses Doxygen to document the APIs and global variables in the code. This will explain the basics of how to document using Doxygen.


Brief Description

To start a documentation block, use /**
To end a documentation block, use */

In the middle of the block, there are multiple tags we can use:

Description of this functions purpose
@param parameter_name description
@return description
@deffunc signature of the function

The deffunc is not always necessary. DoxyGen does not have a full parser in it, so any prototype that use a macro in the return type declaration is too complex for scandoc. Those functions require a deffunc. An example (using &gt; rather than >):

 * return the final element of the pathname
 * @param pathname The path to get the final element of
 * @return the final element of the path
 * @tip Examples:
 * <pre>
 * "/foo/bar/gum" -&gt; "gum"
 * "/foo/bar/gum/" -&gt; ""
 * "gum" -&gt; "gum"
 * "wi\\n32\\stuff" -&gt; "stuff"
 * </pre>
 * @deffunc const char * ap_filename_of_pathname(const char *pathname)

At the top of the header file, always include:

 * @package Name of library header

Doxygen uses a new HTML file for each package. The HTML files are named {Name_of_library_header}.html, so try to be concise with your names.

For a further discussion of the possibilities please refer to the Doxygen site.

Available Languages:  en  |  zh-cn 



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